This savory autumn porridge, called kitchari in India, provides a nutritious, grounding, moisture-rich, and easily digestible meal. Though kitchari can be enjoyed year-round and adapted in a myriad of delicious ways, the qualities of this particular recipe are a result of the spices and veggies selected. For example, grounding hearty delicata squash and warming mustard seed. Those qualities are deeply beneficial for the human body as it tries to maintain homeostasis in the autumn despite significant changes in the sun’s intensity.

Just as the trees begin to pull their energy and resources toward their trunk in autumn, our digestive fire moves deeper into our bodies, beginning to consolidate its efficiency in preparation for the colder months ahead. And although we don’t have drying leaves quaking on our limbs, we can indeed begin to feel the effects of this change, for example, in our skin texture or body temperature.

To counteract these impacts of autumn as it cools, dries, and lightens things, Ayurveda recommends we introduce food, activities, and herbs that provide the opposite qualities. This is what we need to maintain our homeostasis. So I encourage you to try this Autumn Kitchari recipe once or a couple times a week, varying your choice of hearty or light veggies as desired.

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