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Elevate You Well provides holistic health + wellness services for individuals, families, and groups, seamlessly integrating the sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Child + Family Development to guide you farther along your health and wellness path.

I am Sarah L. Frederiksen


Founder, Elevate You Well

As a holistic wellness guide, I assist you to elevate your personal wellbeing.

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This consultation is your opportunity to share your story and pave the path of your personal wellness journey. You are your own expert, training me as your guide.

Get A Personalized Wellness Plan

This plan is unique to you, your wellbeing experiences and goals. It’s the map that helps you stay on your wellness path, while I guide you in adjustments when needed.

Elevate Your Wellbeing

We all have the capacity to be well, regardless of our current health and circumstances. By following your path from one milestone to another, you can achieve elevated wellbeing!

It’s important to find a wellness guide that’s a good fit. Questions? Let’s chat!

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01. Ayurveda

Elevate you well!

This time-tested medical science helps us harmonize the natural elements in ourselves and our environment so we can achieve optimal health and overall wellbeing. When the elements are imbalanced, we become prone to dis-ease and dis-comfort.

02. Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing

Individualized recommendations

The ancient practice of Yoga teaches us to utilize the body, mind, and spirit as tools to reduce suffering and increase wellbeing. Of note, increasing scientific evidence has shown the benefits of yoga for mental health and emotional healing, in particular for anxiety, depression, and trauma.

03. Child & Family Development

Approaches and Therapeutic Modalities

Recommendations will address the needs of adults and children in the family or education setting, and aim to strengthen adult understanding of and capacity to support the children in their unique development.

It’s important to find a wellness guide that’s a good fit. Questions? Let’s chat!

“Happiness is the highest form of health.”

― Dalai Lama