Yoga for
Emotional Wellbeing

This time-tested medical science helps us harmonize the natural elements in ourselves and our environment so we can achieve optimal health and overall wellbeing.

I am Sarah L. Frederiksen, MA, CAHC, CYT 

Founder, Elevate You Well

The Science of Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing

The ancient practice of Yoga teaches us to utilize the body, mind, and spirit as tools to reduce suffering and increase wellbeing. Suffering is a natural byproduct of this complex life that tends to manifest when we cannot access the things we need or want to survive or thrive. By repeatedly engaging in Yoga, including specific body postures and movements, breathing practices, meditation, and mantra recitation, you can train yourself to move beyond your experience of suffering.

Of note, increasing scientific evidence has shown the benefits of yoga for mental health and emotional healing, in particular for anxiety, depression, and trauma.

My Approach to Yogic Wellness

I seamlessly integrate Yoga, Ayurveda, and Family Development in my work with clients. As a Certified Yoga Teacher, also trained in Yoga for emotional health and healing, I demonstrate and recommend individualized approaches to elevate your current state of mental and emotional wellness.

Based on your interest, ability, and capacity, your personal wellness plan may include these practices to help you reach your wellness goals.

Session details

Virtual and In-person options available

Initial Consultations include:

  • Discussion of (1) Your wellness goals and challenges, including dis-ease, whether diagnosed or not, (2) Current lifestyle and diet choices, (3) Bodily experiences from sweat, to tears, and poop, too!
  • Beginning a Wellness Plan of individualized recommendations that support you to meet your wellness goals

Follow-up Consultations include:

  • Discussion of (1) Your successes and challenges since our last meeting as they relate to your state of wellness and progress on a wellness path, (2) Updates to your lifestyle and diet, (3) Updates to your bodily experiences.
  • Updating your Wellness Plan to continuously support your progress

My Scope of Practice

I guide and recommend Yoga practices that promote health and wellbeing at all levels of who you are, from your physical body to your subtle mind. If you have already been diagnosed or presumed to be experiencing disease, I work collaboratively with you to integrate Yogic remedies into your existing health protocols. In addition, I encourage and support you to steward a clear pathway of communication between your primary medical care providers and other wellness professionals such as me.

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of consciousness, or mind.
Then, one can abide in their true nature.
Otherwise, one identifies with the movements of consciousness.”

— Patanjali (Sutras 1.2-1.4)

Approaches &
Therapeutic Modalities

Yogic remedies can help you address the effects of suffering inside you, and may include, but are not limited to, breathing practices that increase mental awareness, contemplation of physical sensation, vocalization for uplifting mood, movement and postures to subdue reduce anxiety, or seeking medical advice and care from other health care specialists when appropriate. All wellness plans include individualized recommendations based on your unique state and circumstances.


  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga as a complementary treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder: A Qualitative Descriptive analysis by Jennifer West, PhD, Belle Liang, PhD, and Joseph Spinazzola, PhD (2017) (see link)

Elevate You Well provides holistic health + wellness services for individuals, families, and groups, seamlessly integrating the modalities of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Child + Family Development to guide you farther along your health and wellness path.

Select one of two options to
schedule your initial consultation.

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  • $175 per 90-minute initial consultation
  • $125 per 60-minute follow-up consultation (upon request)
  • $325 for 3-bundle of 60-minute follow-ups ($50 off!)


  • $275 per 120-minute initial consultation with 2 family members ($75 off individual rate!)
  • $75 for every additional family member in initial consultation ($100 off individual rate)
  • $200 or $225 per 75-minute follow-up consultation with 2 family members
  • $50 for every additional family member in follow-up consultation

Parents and guardians must be present and fully participatory in consultations of children age 18 y.o. and under, regardless of type of consultation.


Sliding Scale Opportunities
I am committed to guiding anyone toward their greater wellbeing, and recognize that financial inequities are not always a matter of personal choice. If finances are an obstacle for you, please inquire during your free Elevation Call about current availability of sliding scale opportunities!

Group Workshops
Workshop rates vary depending on number of participants, length of session(s), number of sessions, mode of delivery and/or location, equipment and supplies, and travel. Schedule your free Elevation Call to request a quote for services that will best help your team meet your wellness goals!

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of consciousness, or mind. Then, one can abide in their true nature. Otherwise, one identifies with the movements of consciousness.”

— Patanjali (Sutras 1.2-1.4)

What previous clients are saying!

“Sarah is committed in her passion for sharing yoga for emotional health and healing along with Ayurvedic health counseling to support the well-being of her clients. She conducts herself with great care and integrity. She brings curiosity, openness and wisdom to all of her work. Sarah offers a warm, thoughtful and caring approach to embodied healing and counseling.”

Kate Graham, LMHC, CYT-500

Founder and CEO, Soulful Yoga Therapy