Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during an initial consultation?

These consultations are a candid dialogue about your health and wellbeing. I will ask about your wellness goals and your current lifestyle and diet choices, relationships, family history, health history, diagnosed diseases or symptoms, as well as your bodily experiences and elimination such as sweat, tears, bowel movements, etc. I will describe some of the principles of health that form the basis of my work with you. At the conclusion of this consultation, you will receive a Personalized Wellness Plan of recommendations to help you meet your wellness goals.

What can I expect during a follow-up consultation?

Follow-up consultations are also a dialogue, however, they focus less on your history than on your successes and challenges since our last meeting. We discuss your current state of wellness, progress implementing recommendations in your Personalized Wellness Plan, and other updates to your lifestyle, diet, bodily experiences, and elimination. When appropriate to your unique needs, I may guide you in specific therapeutic modalities (see services page). At the conclusion of a follow-up consultation, I update your Personalized Wellness Plan to continuously support progress toward your wellness goals.

Is this online or in-person?

I work with clients both in-person and virtually! I am based in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, United States in the Eastern Time Zone, and am available for regular in-person services in that region. I am also available for occasional in-person services, e.g., group engagements, elsewhere for an extra charge. Virtual services are a convenient way to receive consultation with me from wherever you may be.

How is payment made?

Payment should be made by credit card at the time of booking to reserve your preferred time for consultation. Contact me if you require another method of payment, such as Venmo, PayPal, etc.

What is your cancelation policy?

Life happens, I get it! Submit your request to cancel or reschedule through your confirmation email. Refunds or postponement of payment will be granted requests that are submitted within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Refunds will not be granted for (a) cancellations submitted less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment or (b) missed appointments.

What are some of the therapeutic modalities you use?

In my work with you I naturally integrate a variety of strategies from the health sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, and child + family development. I am also guided by my experience with Buddhist philosophy over fifteen years. I may directly demonstrate strategies for you during our consultations or we may try them together, and I will also include all recommendations in your Personalized Wellness Plan. I will always invite you to engage in a practice, and you will always have the choice in whether to do so. Modalities used during consultations and embedded in your Wellness Plan may include, but are not limited to the following:

Is your approach a good fit for me?

Book your 20-minute Elevation Call here and let’s find out! 

I have an existing health condition, is this right for me?

The wellness approaches I use can help anybody regardless of current state of wellbeing. I utilize the principles of Ayurvedic + Yogic medicine, child + family development, and Tibetan Buddhism to create diet and lifestyle recommendations based on my assessment of your Ayurvedic constitution and imbalance, state of digestion, body tissues, bodily elimination, and mind, your family history, childhood experiences, and relationship interactions. I am unable to diagnose or treat disease according to the modern medical models.
If you are experiencing disease or symptoms that require specialized medical care, I will ask you to discuss my recommendations with your medical care providers or I will provide you referrals to appropriate professionals, including Ayurvedic Practitioners or Doctors, who are able to prescribe more advanced herbal formulations. There are only rare cases of disease that may require that I decline to work with a client.

It’s important to find a wellness guide that’s a good fit. Questions? Let’s chat!

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