workshops for groups, families,
and individuals in a variety of formats

Wellness workshops to guide you to your greater wellbeing

Sarah L. Frederiksen

MA, CAHC, CYT — Founder, Elevate You Well

“The great secret is this: it is not enough to have intuitions; we must act on them; we must live them.”

Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Wellness workshops guide participants through a process of exploration, discovery, compassion, choice, and action in pursuit of greater wellbeing. Check out my current workshop offerings.

An array of workshops

I offer an array of workshops for groups, families, and even individuals, in a variety of formats, from a single 2-hour session to once a week for 4-12 weeks. The following workshops are highly adaptable and I will customize them to meet your unique needs.

All workshops can be offered remotely via Zoom, in-person, or hybrid, depending on availability of physical space, tech capacity, location of participants, and local health conditions or regulations.

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Guiding educators, parents, caregivers, and other wellness warriors to elevate their wellbeing

“Sarah’s soothing style is a delightful recipe for attaining stillness, openness and peace of mind. The impact of her engagement continues long after the session ends. As a novice, I didn’t know what to expect. However, after one session, I felt wholly connected to my inner core and outer being.”

Rochelle Phillips

Human Services & Philanthropist

“I am resilient
I trust the movement
I negate the chaos
Uplift the negative
I’ll show up at the table
Again and again and again
I’ll close my mouth and learn to listen”

— Rising Appalachia